Don’t get the reference? Then…

For those who have no idea what K-On!, Lucky Star, or anime is, consider this the blog version of Seinfeld. Dubbed the “show about nothing,” which parodied itself in the two part, fourth season episode “The Pilot” in which Jerry and George pitch a series to NBC about nothing, which is essentially Seinfeld within Seinfeld… if you think about it too hard, it’ll lead to an infinite loop.

That’s kind of what this blog is. A blog about nothing and/or everything, with more or less no relation to anything else. That said, I do tend to read, write, and listen to music a lot, so while, for example, typoattack might write a lot about life and photography, I’ll probably tend more toward reviews of books and albums and such. But again, on a blog about nothing… or everything… you never know what we’ll come out with.

trekkie1231 out.


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