Under The Expressway Visual

Welcome to… a blog… about nothing.

Yes, nothing.

Nothing as in, there’s no set topic.

Ever watched a TV series where there wasn’t really a single plot driving the whole thing? Where each episode had a life of its own, separate from any others, and could exist by itself? Like the animes K-On! or Lucky Star?

Yeah, this is something like that.

As for me… I’m not telling you much about myself, except that I am a male entering his senior year in high school.

I’m not doing this alone either – writing with me will be emptynight and trekkie1231.

Side note about the title… the Expressway Visual is a landing approach route into LaGuardia Airport’s Runway 31 (and that runway in the opposite direction is Runway 13, hence 13/31). It makes for some really good photos (like the one in the header) since the airplanes are flying low over the house. Every now and then I’ll share some.

And where did I get my name? From the Atari computer game Typo Attack, an ad for which you can see here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4fmh5Z2QCBI&feature=related

Updates will be weekly (per author) at best and infrequent at worst.

You can leave comments if you want, but there’s no guarantee we can get back to them, or even read them.


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