Perfect score

A quick introduction before I begin. I’m emptynight, the title is a reference to one of my favorite book series. I also like video games a lot, even if I play them less often than I used to.

Pokemon Black and White got a perfect 40/40 from the Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu. For reference, only 14 other games in the past have achieved such a score. Heart Gold & Soul Silver got 37. Platinum 36. Diamond & Pearl 45. Ruby & Sapphire 33. If these scores reflect how I’ve felt about the games. I have high hopes for those games.

I did not like Ruby and Sapphire. I’ll concede that it indeed did revolutionize Pokemon’s competitive battling but so many little things are wrong with it. I was peeved that they got rid of Day and Night and replaced the time with that crappy clock. The font was ugly and I can’t stand reading text in those two games. I also don’t feel like being in danger of drowning on my travels. Maybe nostalgia goggles for Gold and Silver too.

Diamond and Pearl, i felt were far better. Team Galactic’s plot makes more sense than Team Aqua/Magma’s in my opinion. There was a definite regional pokedex unlike Gen III’s that just seemed to slam in a bunch of pokemon into an unnecessarily large regional dex. I had no issues with them. Then I played Heart Gold.

I cried tears of joy playing that game. I’d always loved Gold & Silver the best, and now came a game that took it and improved in every conceivable way. Kanto actually has stuff now.

I am rambling now so I shall cut it short here. Let us hope Black & White is awesome.


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