Islamophobia? On 9/11?

Don’t wanna be an American Idiot

One nation controlled by the media

Information nation of hysteria

It’s going out to idiot America

Never has the Green Day song “American Idiot” been more relevant than today, what with the mosque controversy going on. And it’s not whether the mosque can be built. Everyone agrees that Park 51 can be built. It’s whether the mosque should be built where it is located that the controversy is about. That doesn’t concern me so much as the other issue, namely:

The “Islamophobic” hysteria that’s gripped the nation, and how the media has fanned those flames.

Honestly, the fact that people are blaming Islam for 9/11 itself, and the anti-Islamic sentiment that has followed, is ridiculous. As former President Bush remarked (correctly), it was a special sect of Islam that carried out 9/11 – Islam in general is a religion of peace. But apparently a lot of Americans don’t seem to get that. Because of one action that plenty of “conventional” or “traditional” Muslims do not approve of, some Americans have lumped all Muslims under the violent banner, contending that it is a religion of hatred.

As you can see right here. Someone cut, swapped, and pasted "hatred" and "love."

And the media has only fuelled the fire. I’m willing to bet some journalist somewhere came up with the term “Islamophobia” thinking it would catch on – and it did. Heaven forbid people now have something to call this irrational hatred of Muslims and treat it like a freedom movement! I’m using the damned word in this very post, multiple times! And plus, with the widespread coverage of the controversy, the media has only shown the extent of hatred people have of Islam. Barely anything is shown that actually shows it for what it really is. American idiots controlled by the media indeed.

So, if you couldn’t tell, I’m for the building of Park 51 because I don’t see anything harmful coming out of it. Maybe the current location isn’t the best, and maybe the imam could move it out of respect for those people who lost someone close to them on 9/11 (but definitely NOT for Joe Islamophobe). But let’s face it – it’s most likely not going to be moved, so let it be built where it is. It’s been nine years since that terrible day and I think it’s time to move on and stop bitching about whether a mosque is being built there or not, and it’s time to realize that Islam is not a religion that fosters hatemongers of our society. After all, if it were a church or a synagogue, no one would be objecting.

Oh, and if anyone burned a Quran today, you’re an idiot. Not just because it’s disrespectful, but… do you really think it’s going to do anything? People burn American flags all the time. Has it resulted in some significant change to America? No.


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