Stars and Stones. What is this?!

This would be The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher. It has been described as “Buffy the Vampire Slayer starring Philip Marlowe.” This book series stars Harry Dresden, an honest wizard who you will find in the Chicago Yellow Pages; under Wizards. He is a private investigator. A MAGICAL private investigator, and when he’s on the case, bad stuff is going down.

Sometimes it’s a missing person who was a little too much into the darker areas of magic. Sometimes there are some wolves ravenously devouring people on the street. Sometimes he gets dragged into internal faerie power struggles. Whatever it is, it’s always epic and Dresden always has more wisecracks up his sleeve than is proper.

If you read these books (which I highly suggest) here are some non-spoilerific things to note. First, Dresden is an unapologetic wiseass and prides himself on his banter, which often includes cultural references that context can make hard to believe he has any right to know. This, more than any other, make me  feel that Harry Dresden’s personality is very heavily reflective  of Jim Butcher’s.

Second, the series has an exorbitantly high Holy Shit! Quotient. As defined by TvTropes, the HSQ is the number of times you say “HOLY SHIT!” divided by the length of the book in this case. Its individual page on the Literature subsection of the Crowning Moment of Awesome page is well deserved and these scenes of pure awesome lose none of their impact on a reread.

Third these novels have more typos in them than I have noticed in most other books making me think that, despite Jim Butcher’s assurances to the contrary in his dedications, he has a mediocre editor. Playing my own Devil’s Advocate, perhaps I merely pay more attention to such details because of how much I enjoy the books.

If you ever lack sufficient reading material, I suggest these books to you.


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