typoattack’s Photo of the Week: Mosquitoes

One of my friends said that mosquitoes “are evil incarnate.” I agree with her; the stupid pests don’t know when to stop. From one hour out in my backyard alone I was stabbed by them at least seven times. Another one of my friends had them stab her through her jeans. They suck, literally and figuratively.

Apparently my sweat is extremely sweet to them. I’m a mosquito magnet. That’s why I take great pride in killing them, as today’s Picture of the Day demonstrates.

What a mosquito looks like when you crush it with a tissue right as it sucks your blood.

I should say that although this isn’t the first time I’ve been stung, this is the first one that actually hurt. It felt like I was getting a shot. Probably because I actually realized that a mosquito was stabbing me at that second rather than after the fact.


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