The 13/31 Joke of the Week

I’m proud to announce the new Joke of the Week section. Much like my photo of the week section, every Thursday we will post up a joke for all to enjoy… or flame. Your choice. Some of the content may be questionable, but understand that we are not trying to offend anyone here. If you feel like you can’t stomach a joke at all, it is best to stop reading it.

Many thanks go out to engineerboy6561 from for introducing me to this one.

A priest, a rabbi, and an imam are on the golf links together playing a (mostly) friendly game. The rabbi and the imam are pretty good; the priest, much to his chagrin, is not. As the game goes on, the priest’s temper continues fraying until on one particularly bad shot, he says “Goddammit, I missed!” The rabbi and the imam both wince, but the priest has discovered a new outlet for his anger and begins to do it on every bad shot. God happens to be nearby and drifts over to check on the game. Upon hearing the priest’s language, God winces but decides to let it go. After the twentieth time, however, God’s patience wears thin and he appears in the sky. In a thunderous voice, he commands the priest to cease his blasphemy.

The priest, of course, is frightened out of his wits and immediately promises never to do it again. Satisfied, God disappears and continues to watch the game. The priest, however, began to hit the ball even more wildly, and eventually he becomes so frustrated that once more he exclaims “Goddammit, I missed!” Again, God gets annoyed but decides to let it slide. Five times later, however, God reappears in the sky and demands that it stop in an even more thunderous voice. Again, it works for about half an hour until the priest hits it into a clump of trees half a mile from the hole and it starts up one more time.

This time God is really at the end of his rope. When he appears for the third time, he thunders, “I have already given you two chances to control yourself. If I hear one more blasphemy issue from your lips, I will strike you dead where you stand!” Now the priest is really frightened, because he knows that God means business. He plays for an hour and a half, so afraid that he utters not so much as a squeak when his shots go wild. He finally has himself under control when the rabbi hits a wild shot and the priest gets hit upside the head. In a second, all his control melts away, and he roars “Goddammit!” at the top of his lungs. Half a second later his brain catches up to his mouth and he claps a hand over his mouth, inwardly cursing the day he was born.

Too late. The sky turns dark and thunderclouds come forth where there had been nothing but blue sky. The priest dives for the trees and curls up into a ball just as a bright bolt of lightning shoots from the sky and fries… the imam? Looking back up at the rapidly clearing skies, the priest begins saying several prayers of thanks all at the same time. At that very moment, a thunderclap issues forth from nowhere in particular, followed by an earth-shaking growl of “Goddammit, I missed! This is the link to the original post.


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