Please Move to the Rear

One of the things that irks me (and let’s face it, a lot of people who take public transportation) is the massive crowding that takes place, especially in the New York transit system. It’s to be expected when millions of people a day take the subway and bus to work or school. If you take the train, it’s a fact of life that you will be pressed cheek by jowl with everyone around you, so even though it pisses people off, we all live with it because it’s unavoidable.

However, what makes this problem worse is the fact that people will not move to the back of the bus or into the center of a train car between doors. They want to stay as close to the door as possible so they could theoretically get out faster when their stop comes. However, by doing so, they prevent other people who may be in a rush from getting on. Consequently, there is a lot of pushing and shoving as these people try to force their way onto the train, and the people already on the train don’t want to move.

On the bus, passengers always tend to congregate near the front doors as if that were the only exit. By contrast, the area around and behind the rear door is seldom crowded. That same area on a low floor bus will never have anyone standing there, even though the ceiling is high enough to fit most people! And then, when the driver believes the bus is full, he starts skipping stops because he can’t accept any more passengers since no one will move back. This becomes a problem when the next bus will not arrive for a while.

If only the common courtesy of moving in could be followed, maybe people would be less grumpy during the morning or afternoon commute since they would not have to force their way onto their means of conveyance. You could do your part by moving in yourself, especially if you know that you will be on that bus for a long time before you arrive at your destination.


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