Why did I do it?

Earlier today I auditioned for the school musical. I did well enough (and we need male roles desperately enough) that I feel confident that I got a part. What have I done? I have now condemned myself to 3 months of late practices. Only being able to start my nightly homework at 7:00 P.M. at the earliest.

Now I sit here cramming for a Chinese vocabulary quiz last period tomorrow. It’s times like these that I regret taking Chinese IV. Tomorrow I may have callbacks for the musical on top of the mountain of homework I was spared the pain of today. What is this workload, I don’t even…

Why do some people insist on tackling so very many extracurricular activities on top of tough academics? It leaves us with so little true free time. Will colleges look that favorably on such time commitments to make this all worthwhile? Heck, I’m writing this blog post on a whim with an idea that just materialized as my mind wandered.

So. What do you think? Does having an incredible load of work help time management perhaps? Your own ideas. What I have previously mentioned.

再见 (good bye)

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