A new generation

Pokémon Black and White came out in Japan, leaving those of us inhabiting the rest of the world to look on in jealousy, 本当にありがとう. Over the past months, information has been revealed about the games, starting with the first two new Pokemon, Zorua and Zoroark. Little by little we got more information. The version mascots, Reshiram and Zekrom. The starters; Tsutarja, Pokabu, and Mijumaru. Or as I prefer to call them, Smugleaf, Professor Evil Mr. Doctor Porkchop, and Melancotter. And now that the Japanese release is out, we’ve got the entire list.

Speaking of the starters, WHY THE HELL IS POKABU’S FINAL FORM FIRE/FIGHTING!? Blaziken. That’s a cool type. Infernape. Kind of repetitive guys, he cool though. But now we’ve got Emboar (aka. Ganonpork). It’s more than a little repetitive now. Why? It’s not like there aren’t alternatives. Fire/Ground would be interesting. And his design is lame too. He looks like an obese Infernape. What is up with that?
Smugleaf looks smug. If he had fingers, he’d be sipping tea with his pinkie raised. And he should be wearing a monocle. And is it too much to ask for him to be more than just Grass type when he’s fully evolved as Jaroda? Grass/Dragon would be pretty cool (and maintain the tendency of dragon types to be 4x weak to Ice. Kingdra excluded), granted he’d then be neutral to fire.
My new favorite starter is Melancotter. Who doesn’t think otters are really, really, really cute creatures? And then he has that little frowny face. He IS the Melancholy Otter. And Daikenki is an awesome-looking final form. I’m going to use him.

Another interesting tidbit of information about this game is the Dream world. It’s kind of like DLC for Black and White. Pokémon have different abilities here, and it is the only place that you can find many, many, many Pokémon. Though it turns out that you have to befriend Dream World Pokemon, and then go find them in Isshu proper in a specific location. Kind of like the Hoenn and Sinnoh sounds of Heart Gold and Soul Silver. You can also grow berries in the Dream World because Isshu is a barren wasteland devoid of arable berry land. L You can find other items there too. Last but not least, you can decorate your house. Ehhhh. Not going to do that.

Anyway, I have acquired the ability to play Pokemon Black, and have made some use of it. I am only up to the town with the first gym (Sanyo City) and so far understand nothing. I didn’t even realize when I was fighting a member of Team Plasma. I have to identify moves by their type’s color and the amount of PP. The graphics are more 3D than the previous generation. It’s like the lighthouse from HG and SS.  You can see the routes from the cities. For example, I could see the items on Route 2 from Karakusa Town. Currently I’m training up my Puppy pokemon, Kitty Pokemon, Beaver Pokemon, and Otter for the first gym. After I figure out how to access it.


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