What if that blog post, had info?

I noticed in Trekkie’s latest post that he mentioned one Brentalfloss. Yet he never explained who this sir is. So I have taken it upon myself to elaborate on this one topic.

Brentalfloss is the name that a certain man has given himself. This man decided that famous songs from video games: Super Mario Bros, Legend of Zelda, Megaman songs (from the original NES titles), and Final Fantasy to name just a few of the games he’s covered, were lacking in one thing. Lyrics. So he added lyrics. But, his lyrics aren’t always entirely relevant to the game. He often breaks the fourth wall and lampshades aspects of the game that are particularly. For example, for his lyrics given to the song from the Moon level in Duck Tales. “Ducks, ducks from outer space/Wait Uncle Scrooge you need a suit up there/you need heat, also air.” His lyrics in general are very tongue-in-cheek and therein lies the humor. “You just got pwned FTW!/Now you’re dead, you’re dead ‘cause we killed you” (Final Fantasy Victory theme).

I personally greatly enjoy some of his work, though not all. Like any artist, he has his ups and downs though in my opinion his downs are pretty bad in comparison to his ups. He began with “What if *insert song title* had lyrics?” Among these are the works of his I know best. I love his Dr. Mario fever song, his Ducktales one, and his final fantasy ones. His Mega man ones are great fun too, and he has a lot of these. However, I don’t much like his Tetris one, his Banjo-Kazooie one, and his Legend of Zelda too. Perhaps, I’m being a tad unfair though, because those that I don’t like are quite amusing in many ways. They just don’t jump out at me for some reason

One final thing. Brentalfloss released a CD, “What if this CD had lyrics?” It contains remade versions of all his songs as well as many additional songs not found on his youtube channel. http://www.youtube.com/user/brentalfloss?blend=1&ob=4 there’s the link to his channel.

That’s all folks.


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