Multi-Dimensionally Obsessed

I recently picked up the game Picross 3D for the Nintendo DS, and let me tell you, it is one addicting game. I don’t know what you know about Picross, but the general idea in the 2D version is to color in boxes using the numbers on the ends of the columns or rows (the numbers tell you how many boxes are part of the puzzle). The result should be a picture constructed of the shaded boxes.

Picross 3D works in much the same way; but there’s a twist. You have to work not with a flat square, but in 3 dimensions! That means generally harder puzzles, and a much more satisfying experience overall. It’s one thing to finish a two-dimensional puzzle, but another thing entirely to finish a three-dimensional one. Admittedly it is a little cheesy that the resulting objects dance and what not, but they also each go to a specified point on one of the many background images, and completely enough objects to complete one of these collections is incredibly satisfying.

Another great feature is the level editor. While it does take quite a bit of thought to make something that looks even half as good as the premade levels, it is still fun to made your own 3D picross puzzle, which you can then solve and even send to others over Nintendo Wi-Fi or DS Wireless connection.

If you like puzzles, or would like to like puzzles but are easily frustrated, give this game a shot. It’s a simplistic game that provides a fun challenge, which increases in difficulty as you advance in the game. The pace is fast enough that you feel like you’re progressing, but slow enough that you have plenty of time to think about what you’re next move is. And the robust tutorial is perfect for beginners. Any and all puzzlers should consider picking up this game.

For those who don’t know a thing about picross, check these sites out:


3 thoughts on “Multi-Dimensionally Obsessed

  1. This is the perfect post and may be one that you should followed up to see how things go

    A neighbor mailed this link the other day and I am excitedly looking your next blog post. Continue on the fabulous work.


    1. Thanks, NHL Hockey Forum! Always good to know people are reading. Maybe I’ll slip in an update in a post one of these days; quick news is I’m pretty far into the game.


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