Be human for God’s sake!

Over the past month, several gay young people have committed suicide due in large part to incessant bullying at the hands of their peers. Furthermore, there have been several brutal beatings of gay men specifically for being gay (in one case at a gay bar). I’m not going to go into detail because it’s all been all over the news. Neil Patrick Harris and Ellen Degeneres, two famous gay people, have both commented on this disturbing trend (as have many many others). Why do people insist on treating other people like such complete and utter crap? Did the murder of Matthew Shepard teach us nothing? (and the attack’s anniversary was on this previous Wednesday) 12 years ago he was brutally beaten and left to die on a fence. The defense of his murderers was that he came on to them, so they beat the crap out of him and then some and hang him up on a fence so that the guy who finds him thinks that he’s a scarecrow. Makes sense doesn’t it?

Religious groups take 1-3 lines in the Bible, out of thousands, and blow it out of proportion to be one of THE greatest issues they have to deal with. “homosexuality is an abomination before God.” I’ll skip the theological debate and cut to the point. Jesus said to love. I fail to see love. There goes your religious justification for your discrimination. You’re just sad, hateful people. Makes you wonder why there are so many people disillusioned with religion these days. And there is no other justification that strays anywhere from just being code for “you’re different, I hate you.” Could this mean we’re just as uncivilized as we were when we enslaved black people? Kicked the Native Americans off their land? Burned women who didn’t follow society as witches? Declared war on anyone not from our tribe? Here’s a link I found. It summarizes the message of Neil Patrick Harris and Ellen Degeneres quite nicely. “Shit may suck now, but it’ll get better.”


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