Let Us Play

Let’s Play. Exactly what it says on the tin. Let’s Plays are an entertainment form that mixes the Internet and video games, 2 glorious things. People who make Let’s Plays play a game and narrate in some way as they play. This commentary is one main draws of the medium. The possible variety of commentaries cannot be contained in a single blanket statement. Let’s plays are also done in parts, meaning that the player can ask his audience to vote on certain choices in the game. This is especially notable in games such as Star Wars KOTOR where the game revolves around choices you make. Or in games such as Pokemon, what names to give characters and pokemon, what pokemon to take along, or such things. Taking advantage of this capability truly makes a Let’s Play a group endeavor.

There are two main formats: screenshot and video. Due in large part to the large differences between the static screenshot and the more dynamic video, these two formats are also very different. A screenshot Let’s Play is a narration of the player’s playthrough with none other than screenshots interspersed to show what’s going on. One possibility I’ve noticed with this format is potential for an alternative, facetious story. The most notable instance of this that I’ve seen are Red Chocobo’s series of Pokemon Let’s Plays. His Pokemon Crystal Let’s Play has a homicidal, fang-crazy Totodile; among other things. These Let’s Play’s are interrelated and have references to each other. Another guy came in and made a side story Let’s Play on Pokemon Quartz.

For those of you who don’t know, Pokemon Quartz is a Ruby hack by some guy in Spain. It is infamous for its gratuitous use of random Spanish interspersed throughout the rather broken English (it is especially egregious early on in the hack when the creator had even less experience with the English language). “Prof. Baro: wow! That was close! iPutos SEVER de los…! Uh? Just thinking aloud, you don’t have to know what does that mean!” I’m sure Typoattack would go insane if he saw an entire game with grammar like that. Here it is. Another intriguing aspect of this game is that it consists entirely of new pokemon. Created by none other than Baro Boar, the guy who created this hack.

Yes, that pokemon is actually called Firegg. He’s the fire starter. 
Firegg evolves into Tyradino, not a creative name by any stretch of the imagination, but infinitely better than the laughable Firegg.

And as you can see, the artwork is, let us say, lacking. All this combines to give the writer ample fuel to completely tear this thing apart. So Bad it’s Good indeed.

But I digress, back to Let’s Plays. A video Let’s Play has someone videotaping a playthrough of the game, with commentary. Some people prefer to voice over their commentary while others do it while playing. The most amusing Let’s Play’s I’ve seen of this kind are the ones of I Wanna Be The Guy. Think back to 2 weeks ago. That horribly difficult game. Now you get to see someone suffer through that, as you sit back and laugh you horrible human being. Schadenfruede. The most out there one I’ve ever seen is Deceased Crab’s, a prolific Let’s Player on Youtube check his stuff out if you’re interested, Let’s Play of Barbie the Magic of Pegasus. Let that sink in for a minute. Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus. Now normally, this would seem rather off, but he recorded this immediately after having his wisdom teeth removed. His mouth was still numb from the drugs. HE WAS HIGH WHILE RECORDING THIS! That is all.

I apologize for all my recent stuff on things that are ludicrously hard or bad. I’m heading in a different direction next week


2 thoughts on “Let Us Play

  1. On the topic of schadenfreude, there is a particularly funny video of a guy with an obscenely overdone Bronx Italian accent playing a hack of the original Mario game (worse than Kaizo; half the time there are no floors, and invisible blocks placed at key points keep you from making seemingly easy jumps). I think I may have sent it to you, evernight, and I would include a link here, except my favorites were saved on my now-dead and useless old computer.


    1. Ah yes. I’ve seen that. It’s a hack of the original Super Mario Bros. I forget the name. I could see that being harder than Kaizo. Far less well known though.


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