Glutton for Punishment

Here it is, the second week of comic reviews!

This week I’ll be featuring a 4 issue, bi-monthly mini-series that completed in the last few months. Marvel is known, in addition to having great comics and iconic superheroes, for having frequent crossovers between different comics. One of the most recent is this series, Marvel Universe vs. The Punisher. To begin with, the series has a markedly darker tone than much of the marvel library, eschewing the light-hearted action of classics such as Spider-Man for a much grittier and gorier tale of one of the last men on Earth.

Marvel Universe vs. The Punisher, Issue 1
Marvel Universe vs. The Punisher, Issue 1

The continuity presented here would fit perfectly with the fantastic Marvel Zombies series; the disease-ridden heroes of post-apocalyptic Marvel-dom are very similar in appearance to the gluttonous, decaying zombie heroes. And Frank Castle, aka The Punisher, has taken it upon himself to rid the world, starting with New York, of these once upstanding citizens.

As far as writing goes, the four issues contain a robust plot and somehow manage to tell you everything you need to know without skimping on details. For a story like this, you’ll want to know everything you can learn about what happened. Marvel delivers, as always. The art style is perfectly matched to both the overall tone of the story, and the general “Marvel” style of comics; the comics definitely look as though they belong in the Marvel library, but they’re also perfectly dark and foreboding to match the tone of the stories.

Be warned: These are not your normal Marvel comics. Read with caution and a strong stomach.


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