Woot Senior Year!

You know when people tell you that Senior Year is easy? Those people lied. Senior Year is just as busy as Junior Year. The extra time you have due to your easier courses gets absorbed by college application work. YAY college applications! Anyone who has this ahead of them, don’t let it get out of your hands. I just realized today that I have a college application due December 1st and this college asks for certain required credentials 2 weeks in advance. In other words. Wednesday. @#$%!

However, Senior Year is more variable in intensity than Junior Year. Junior year was busy throughout with very little time to catch one’s breath. Senior year gives you that time, though you shouldn’t get too comfortable with it as the year can get worse than Junior year, especially if you catch Senioritis. I see it as a sinusoidal graph, whereas Junior year is more like a straight line. I hope this year gets easier.

And for something completely different.

I like to read, now sadly I often lack time to read. I’ve decided to share some series I think are good with you followed by a brief summary of the series, spoiler free of course.

The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher: I reviewed this already but it bears mentioning anyway. A wiseass, wizard, private investigator constantly gets caught up with supernatural intrigue in modern day Chicago. It brings in all sorts of supernatural creatures and fills it with cultural references.

The Codex Alera by Jim Butcher: This is a complete departure from the style of the Dresden files. This takes place in a complete fantasy world where the Alerans (read civilized Humans) have the ability to control the elemental forces of the Earth. These elements are Fire, Water, Earth, Wood, Metal, and Air. This ability is all that sets them apart from the other races with other abilities. The main character cannot do this and has to rely on his wits to survive in the world.

A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin: This series is too complicated to summarize properly. One of the main focuses of the book is on the political intrigue integral to the “Game of Thrones” (also the title of the first book in the series), however there is also much else going on. There are virtually no heroic characters at all. Black and Grey morality reigns supreme.


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