Story Idea Proposal

This idea has been bugging me for weeks on end and I thought that if I write it down I’d stop thinking about it and other people could comment on it.

It’s about a boy, high school age, lives in New York. He’s an aspiring photographer, and he never goes anywhere without his camera. He tries and tries, but somehow his pictures either aren’t that good or they don’t really make an impression on anyone.

But then he goes to sleep one night. He dreams that he is on top of a mountain looking down at the world, and he starts taking pictures. But he realizes that he is in a dream (It’s not impossible. I’ve done it myself) and he knows that these pictures will be forever lost in his memory.

When he wakes up, the pictures are still on his camera. He doesn’t know how.

Soon, his dreams start showing him more important things…

Now, the question is, where do I go from here. Maybe our resident literature/comic reviewer, trekkie 1231, could lend a hand? Or you could leave a suggestion in the comments.


5 thoughts on “Story Idea Proposal

  1. Sounds like this has quite a lot of potential. The first thing you need to ask yourself is what kinds of things the camera starts showing him. Once you have that, you have a plot. For example there’s a huge plot difference depending on if he sees himself dead or himself killing someone, a president or pop star for instance.

    Also I just covered lucid dreams in my psych class. I personally have not experienced it, and they’re quite rare; also the process to self induce them is quite arduous. Kudos to you for experiencing it. I can only imagine how odd that must be.


    1. I’ve only had dream-initiated lucid dreams, where one starts dreaming and then in the middle of it realizes that he is in fact dreaming.

      Yes, that is a good place to start — but my ideas stream from his seeing someone else killing someone. I don’t know if that’s the best way to go, however.


      1. I’m not Trekkie, but here’s what I think.
        With someone else killing someone you’ve got potential too I think. You’ve got a conflict: He has pictures of a crime scene. What does he do with them? Does he try to find the killer on his own? or does he get the police involved? With that last one you’ve got the problem of how can he explain having them?
        Or you can go in a different route and have these pictures be found by someone, which, for obvious reasons, makes him a prime suspect.


  2. I agree with emptynight. There is a lot you can do with that. Just go with it. Let the story write itself. It’s an organic process, not a forced process. You know words, you have paper and pens and computers, all you have to do is start putting the words down and the story will flow.


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