BRAINS, BRAINS, I won’t lie,
I’ll eat their brains ’til they’re zombified.
Sure they might think it’s deranged
But they won’t give it a thought
After I’ve eaten their brain.
BRAINS, BRAINS, It’s okay.
It’s not a matter if it isn’t gray,
And if at first they think it’s strange,
they won’t think twice
If they don’t have a brain!

If you don’t recognize that song here’s a disclaimer, I AM NOT A BRAINEATING METEOR FROM OUTER SPACE WHO CREATES ZOMBIES BY DEVOURING PEOPLE’S BRAINS. That’s the refrain from Voltaire’s BRAINS!, a song that many people might recognize from the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy; the episode titled “Little Rock of Horror.” Guess what movie that’s based on.

Anyway, now that that tangent’s out of the way, I’ll cut to the chase. I’m taking a leaf out of typoattack’s book and posting up my story idea. This is a story I’ve been working on on/off since last year. The basic premise originally was, “zombies attack my school. What happens?” Now obviously you can go in different directions with that, but I chose the comedic route. However, I was unsatisfied with how my writing was turning out, so I restarted from scratch over the summer and decided to make the story episodic in nature, but with each self-contained story weaving into the whole tale of a wide-spread assault.

Now, at the suggestion of a mutual friend of the 13/31 bloggers, I’m planning on restarting again and making this story an apocalyptic 2012 scenario. A zombie apocalypse begins for reasons unknown and the story follows the zombie assault on an urban school.  Most of the features from my original prototypes can still be worked in, such as a chainsaw happy math teacher, a principal who wields a shotgun and battle ax, a Dean who beats up zombies with his bare hands.  This story is a work in progress that is still in the idea generating stage.



3 thoughts on “BRAINS


    So I don’t have to worry about you sucking out my brain through a bendy straw?


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