Danger Days

It’s been a while since My Chemical Romance came out with a full album of music, so for fans of the band, this upcoming Monday will bring a wave of relief as Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys will finally be released. Like their previous work, The Black Parade, Danger Days is a concept album, but instead of exploring the death of an individual (or not — Famous Last Words could beg to differ. Do you think The Patient lived?), the album brings us to 2019 California, and tells the story of the Killjoys, four men fighting against the Big Brother company Better Living/industries.

In anticipation of the release, the band (well, not actually them: their character Dr. Death Defying, the deejay for their fictional radio station) hosted a listening party on YouTube where one could hear mono versions of most of the songs on the album. So the big question is, how is it?

Worth the money? Definitely and more.

What I particularly like about MCR is that they set one album to one musical style, but then don’t carry it on to the next one. The hardcore punk of Bullets wasn’t repeated in the pop punk Revenge, the style of which is very different from the Queen-inspired Black Parade, none of which are like the garage-like punk of Danger Days. This keeps the music fresh, and while you will always have people who want the same style of music from a certain band day in and day out, this proves that they can handle different styles and pull off a magnificent album.

Stylistically, Danger Days is a lot closer to what I like than their previous albums. From the catchy melody of “Na Na Na,” to the driving dance beat of “Planetary (GO!),” to the anti-party-song-you-can-party-to “Party Poison” (some fans may know this as “Death Before Disco”), and the power ballad “SING,” this album just grabs your attention and never lets go for a second. It’s unfortunate “The Drugs” and “Kiss the Ring” from their LA show in August ’09 didn’t make it, because those were two fast-paced, garage-y songs that I liked very much, but the rest of the album more than makes up for it.

Enough talk. Click the link below to have a listen. And don’t forget to buy the album on Monday if you like it.



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