(RSS) Feeding My Addictions

It’s Saturday night and I’m bored so I decided to put up a quick post for the hell of it. I mean, why not? It’s something to do. At any rate, I feel like sharing. So I’ve decided to compile a post of some of my favorite blogs. And while the title does hint that I subscribe to all of them, I haven’t cleaned out my RSS feed in months. But once I get on that, and decide what sites to keep, add, and drop, these will probably go on if they aren’t already.

Without further ado, my favorites:

XKCD – Quite possibly one of the funniest webcomics ever. If you haven’t heard of it, go. Now. And start from the first comic. And don’t forget to read the text that pops up when you roll the mouse over the comic (henceforth called “mouseover text”).

The Pen Addict – I love pens. No, seriously. And this is one of the best pen review sites I’ve found. And from it I found some others. Like Whatever, The Office Supply Geek, and one which I discovered today, Gourmet Pens. I also learned about JetPens, one of the most popular online pen stores around.

Geekologie – Often NSFW (that’s “Not Safe For Work” for you non-internetters), but inevitably hilarious and informative. Though the writer seems to have a dinosaur fetish and also appears to be bisexual, both of which lead to him (?) making some awkward comments, the blog has some truly great information. At least, for the geek population. You know, stuff like Suuuuuperpowers!: Scientists Trap Antimatter, and Diiiiiiiiiiisgusting: Bacon-Flavored Fizzy Tablets. The important stuff, ya know?

TFW2005 – Yes, a Transformers fansite. But what can I say? Some people grow up and move on and some people grow up and decide, hey, I still like robots from another planet that turn into trucks and planes and sexy sports cars. Guess which category I fall under?

Ok, now for the hard part. Though not technically blogs, I follow quite a few of the “Cheezeburger Network” sites. I’ll try to keep this brief (oh and quick warning, generally assume Cheezeburger Networks sites are at least somewhat NSFW):

Very Demotivational – Demotivational posters for the win.

FailBlog – Do I need to explain?

FailBook – FailBlog for Facebook.

The Art of Trolling – You know those people that post hilarious answers to stupid questions? Or prank people on Omegle or Chatroullette? Yeah this site is devoted to them.

Hacked IRL – Check out the funny graffiti! (Note: Apparently it’s now WINS! I don’t know when this happened. So now it’s “The Website Formerly Known as Hacked IRL.”)

So there you have it. My favorite sites. Hey, since I’m so bored, humor me, and tell us in the comments what your favorite blogs or similar sites are.


8 thoughts on “(RSS) Feeding My Addictions

  1. “Pens? Seriously?” says the man who needed to try out all three Sharpie pens and my Pilot Varsity disposable fountain pen. And who has a Zebra stainless steel ballpoint just for exams.


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