I have always found the concept of the Twilight series kinda silly. Like most people, I’d make fun of it, however there was always some uneasiness in my mocking disdain of the series because I’d never read the books. I apologized for this with a promise I made to myself that I would one day read Twilight. So when my girlfriend asked me to read it, I did (after putting it off for months). I legitimately wanted to see if the book was as bad as it was hyped up to be or as good as the other end of the argument hyped it up.

I read it. I didn’t suffer through it. I read it properly though I had some issues with reading for long constant periods of time. I usually read a chapter before putting it down again for later (mostly because I was writing a reflection on each chapter as I read it, reflecting on what I thought and often on aspects I found ridiculous). For starters, Stephanie Meyer is not a fantastic author. I didn’t find the writing atrocious, but neither did I find it appealing. In such a book, I turn to the plot to bring me in. It didn’t really accomplish that. The plot wasn’t incoherent or anything, it just wasn’t too exciting. The major conflict of the story wasn’t introduced until over halfway into the book, which makes some sense considering it’s a romance novel. And interestingly, the main conflict temporarily turns the book into a suspense-filled thriller (how suspenseful is a question considering we know that Bella survives), except, the suspense wasn’t surprising. As for the ever-important romantic bits, they didn’t make me AWWWWW at the relationship. Edward Cullen came off as a creeper. A well-intentioned creeper, but a creeper nonetheless. In context, I can accept that it might come across as sweet because it’s a fictional world and this is a romance novel where the male romantic lead’s intentions are pure (let’s ignore his instinctive thirst for her blood). So Edward Cullen is a creeper, but a sweet one within the confines of the story. I still got sick of reading their dialogue at times. Maybe I’m just not a romantic person. Funnily enough though, Bella did NOT come across as too much of an idiot. I remember her being relatively smart throughout the book, just being a trouble magnet, which turns her into the damsel in distress who Edward always saves.

I WILL NOT GET INTO THE VALIDITY OF THE VAMPIRES IN THIS STORY COMPARED TO OTHER VAMPIRE LORE! I will only say that these vampires are freaking ridiculous in their power potential. They’re almost indestructible among other things. One truly interesting thing I thought about these vampires was the method of turning a human. Vampire saliva has a venom that slowly kills a human then resurrects them as a vampire, assuming the vampire doesn’t eat the person first.

In conclusion, I shan’t suggest this book nor say it shouldn’t be read. Read it if you wish to see what it’s actually like. I easily made the decision to not continue reading the series because I found that it would not be worth the time it’d take.


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