Atheists and Evangelicals

Earlier this week I heard on the radio that there is a group of atheists who put up a billboard calling Christmas a myth.


Now I don’t have a problem with atheism as a movement. I have a problem with those atheists who publicly look down on religion. You don’t want to believe in a god or an otherwise higher power, fine by me. I don’t care what you believe or don’t believe in…

AS LONG AS YOU KEEP YOUR FREAKIN’ TRAP SHUT. (This goes out to every religion around the world as well.)

Yes, I’m a Catholic. Yes, I believe in God. Do you see me going around shouting at everyone to convert to my religion? No. Why? I believe it is up to each individual whether he or she wants to follow a religion or not. People shouldn’t have to deal with ads saying “there’s probably no God” or “convert or be damned” or anything like that.

In my experience there are two groups that are particularly bad at doing this: atheists, as you have probably surmised (the ones who actively speak out about it, that is), and evangelical Christians. Seriously. It’s like they’re two sides of the same coin. They have as opposite of ideas as you can get… but they both preach them in the exact same way. It really pisses me off, as with the evangelicals, I don’t need to hear about something I already know, and with the atheists, I don’t need to hear about something I’m never going to follow.


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