The Early Bird gets the worm, or in this case…the POKéMON

A blog post 2 months in the making. From a series 6 months in the making. POKéMON THE ABRIDGED SERIES! (yes, this is what i was ranting about last time. They got over the legal hurdles.)

Pokémon. That lovely nostalgic TV show. Anyone with a 90s childhood remembers this show, I lived under a rock and I remember it. We all played the game and wanted desperately to catch them all and then after school we’d sit down and watch Ash Ketchum continue on his quest to try and catch them all, with his good friend Pikachu at his side. We’d see the bumbling antics of Team Rocket and Meowth as they tried to steal this super-special-awesome Pikachu for their boss, Giovanni. Then as you got older, you’d look back at this show and realize just how silly this show could be. Ash, he whose goal was to catch every Pokémon and become a Pokémon master constantly worked against his goal. How many Pokémon does Ash ever catch? And of those, how many does he use or keep? He has a counter-productive tendency to release his Pokémon at the slightest provocation. In the same episode that he catches the newly evolved Primeape, he gives it to some guy he met that same day for “training.” Poor Primeape never shows up again. He also tries to release his best friend Pikachu to the wild when he finds a pack of wild Pikachu. Thankfully, Pikachu is smarter than this guy and returns to him. This tendency to release Pokémon would be fine if Ash actually caught half the Pokémon he sees to get them into the Pokédex. He doesn’t, Ash’s 7th Pokemon comes right when his rival Gary already has over 40 Pokémon.

All this ridiculousness and more promises to be parodied endlessly in this brand new Pokémon the Abridged Series. I support this series 100% and since it is a first effort from the makers who are also currently in school I see the quality as only getting better. If you are a fan of Pokémon I recommend this series.

Here is the Youtube Channel. Rockets Underground.


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