It’s a Plumber Elf Soldier Vampire Slayer Robot Bounty Hunter!

What’s a-going on? I set off on my adventure to save the a-Princess. You see. King Koopa kidnapped her and sent his armies against the kingdom and I set off to rescue her. It’s the right thing to do. And if I’m a-lucky I’ll a-get a kiss! But then, all of a sudden these warp pipes a-popped out of the ground and out of each a-popped out some strange people. They’ve started following me; I a-think they’re trying to rescue the princess before me. I A-WON’T LET THEM! Let’s a-go!

I was traveling through the barren wasteland of Hyrule left after Ganon took over. I spotted a cave and went down. Instead of the light of the hermits’ fires, I saw a long expanse of pitch darkness with a small light at the end. I emerged from the light into a bright, green expanse of land. Before I knew what had happened, my passageway back to Hyrule vanished and I was trapped in this strange new world. I need to find my way back. I think I’ll follow that man in overalls over there, I just heard him say “I’m a-on my way, Princess!” and he’s too far away for my boomerang to hit.

Them damn alien terrorists. Must’ve gotten some sort of teleporter gun. Just as I was closing in on their headquarters I disappear and land in this quiet and idyllic meadow. So many turtles walking around without a care in the world. Nothing at all like the battle worn landscapes I’ve left behind me on that island with my special gun. Those fools didn’t know what hit them when I whipped out the spread gun. NOBODY CAN STOP THE INVINCIBLE BILL! I need to find my way back though. America is counting on me. Hey, you guy in the red cap. Wait up, I’ve some questions!

Dracula, you damn vampire. Can’t wait in your castle to die like a good vampire; no. You have to send your minions after me to stop me. And then when that failed you use some sort of evil magic to hide yourself away. DON’T THINK THAT WILL STOP ME! YOU ARE DONE KILLING INNOCENT PEOPLE TO SATE YOUR BLOODY THIRST! Now with this whip I compel you to die. Now I just need to find the right castle. I shall start with that castle over there.

Dr. Wily is such a Wiley and dastardly villain. Thanks to Dr. Light I’ve managed to make it all the way to Dr. Wily’s castle. But the villain made some device that transported me here. I need to find a way to get back to his castle. But first, I think I’ll help that Italian plumber guy over there save his princess.

Where are the Metroids? I know I went down the right elevator in Brinstar. It should’ve led to Tourian. I know I defeated Kraid and Ridley. What the hell is wrong here? This does not look like an underground laboratory. I guess Mother Brain put in one last defense measure. If I am to defeat her, I need to beat her. Let’s see hope my new invisible power suit keeps working. What do I need to do here anyway? I guess following that man there is as good an idea as any.

Ryu and Sophia III were unavailable for comment in their role in the game Super Mario Crossover. Above are the testaments of the six original participants in the crossover of Mario’s first adventure in saving Princess Toadstool from King Koopa. here’s the link to the game.


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