Looking Back

No, it’s not about the history of this blog. It’s too soon to be doing that.

It’s about childhood.

All three of the writers here at 13/31 will be going off to college in the fall. It’s the opening of a new door for all of us. But as one door opens, another closes (yeah, it’s backwards. Sue me), and I just wanted to take one last look through the closing door before standing clear and moving on forever.

So I decided to create a series where I show everyone places that have had an impact on my life. I plan to make drawings of all the areas I will show you, and then write a short essay about them and how exactly that place influenced me. It is my hope that I invoke these same feelings of nostalgia for those who have already moved through the door, and preparation for those whom the door is not yet in sight. I also hope that emptynight and trekkie1231 will join me.

My additions will temporarily replace the photo of the week, so look for the first article on Tuesday.


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