Intolerable Excuse for Tolerance

I’ve been meaning to write this up for ages and just never had the time. And I really don’t now either, but what the hell, it’s 1:30 in the morning and I’m listening to Sixx: A.M.’s “The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack.” At any rate, I’m writing now and that’s all that matters.

I always knew that the Catholic Church was anti-gay and against gay marriage, and all that. But it never really hit so close to home until a month or two ago, when I showed up at my parish for work (as a sacristan — I set up for Mass and then chill in the back and read or whatever) and found a box of pre-written letters with pre-addressed envelopes to Cuomo, Ball, and Katz, practically begging them to reconsider the gay rights laws that are coming up for review, and to keep marriage sacred, etc. You know what? I think this whole opposition thing is complete bullshit. Take that, Pope Benedict.

See, the thing is, who does it hurt if gays are allowed to marry? Certainly not me, or typoattack, or emptynight. Certainly not the priests in their rectories or the nuns in their convents. And the pope in his palace in Rome, how is it a problem to him? He’s got all the wealth he could need, plus some of the most valuable and coveted artwork in the world. But what does the Church do? It hoards its wealth, begs for more money, shuts overpriced schools with low enrollment, and condemns everyone who disagrees with them.

The whole concept behind gay marriage has nothing to do with the actual union, per se. Yes, certainly they want to be allowed to have a recognized union, but who are we kidding? If two gay men want to live together, have sex, start a family, they’re going to. The problem is, they don’t get the same kind of health care, insurance, etc. that heterosexual families receive. And therein lies the problem. And hey, here’s a novel idea: since the whole insurance thing is secular, then why not universally allow same sex civil union? Then the Church can keep their “sacred” heterosexual marriages, and the gay community can receive the rights they long for. Seems simple enough to me. Everyone is happy.

Plus, there’s that whole separation of Church and state thing. Hmm, seems like this would actually fit in to that, if the Church didn’t want to control everything…

Look, I can understand their stance on abortion. I may not 100% agree with it, but I see where they’re coming from. But gay marriage? What the hell is the problem? The Church preaches tolerance and equality… but only if you’re a heterosexual, God-fearing Roman Catholic. Never mind those pedophiles who work in the schools and molest the altar servers. They’re a-ok, just move them to another parish. But, as happened recently, extort a little money from the Church to pay back debts from a gambling addiction, money which you then returned to the Church? Yeah, they’re gonna do their best to have you locked up. I’m not saying it was right, but honestly? Money vs. innocent little boys. I think the pedophiles are more deserving of punishment.

Anyway, this phobia of allowing gays to marry is ridiculous. All they want is equal rights. Y’know, the concept our country was FOUNDED upon. That we fought the Civil War for. Are we going to fight another one? Liberals vs. Conservatives, pro-gay and pro-choice vs. anti-gay and pro-life? The thought is horrifying.

And guess what? It’s entirely possible. No one ever thought we’d fight a war about slavery, did they? Well, no one thinks we’ll do it for gays either.

You’d be surprised what people will do if they’re determined enough.


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