typoattack’s photo of the week

Haven’t seen this feature in a while, have you?

Huh? This thing wasn't there last year...

Say hello to the new Court 17 at the US Open. This new 3000-seat mini-stadium replaced the old Courts 17 and 18, which won’t be missed — 18 was used only as a practice court most of the time, and 17 was too out of the way to be relevant. It will be ready for the start of play next week. Some people have nicknamed it “The Pit” because the playing surface is actually below ground level here. It also joins Ashe, Armstrong, the Grandstand, and Courts 11 and 13 as TV-ready courts.

If it doesn’t look finished, it’s not. That metal skeleton with seats on it is just a temporary structure for this year’s Open — the full thing will be finished by next year. The hope is that they can put some medium-drawing players there, drawing fans away from the center of the grounds towards the corner where the stadium is located.

Just for comparison, this is what Court 17 looked like about a month ago.

It really was just a pit back then.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to see a match there this year — I head off to college just as the tournament starts. Rats!


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