Editorial: The 2011 US Open Women’s Final

Congratulations to Sam Stosur for winning the 2011 US Open. I heard the name several years ago but I really thought she was only a doubles player. Looks like I was proven wrong.

And congratulations, too, to Serena Williams, for further reinforcing her position on my BITCH list in my notebook.

I mean, okay, I get it, she hit a shot that was probably going to win the point and get her to deuce. But she just couldn’t wait until the point was actually over and she’d won it before she started celebrating. What happens if, by some miracle, Stosur had the ball past her for a winner? Then what?

Of course, what happened was the equivalent of that. Her big mouth cost her another point penalty, her third in two years in the US Open final, except this one didn’t come at match point. It probably wouldn’t have mattered anyway, as Stosur basically wiped the floor with her, thank goodness.

Of course, Williams doesn’t stop there. As the match went on she continued to verbally abuse the umpire, resulting in a code violation. Apparently, the words “I made a mistake” do not exist in her vocabulary.

And then Williams goes on and says that she doesn’t remember a thing.


You don’t forget when you say things like that. It’s almost impossible. It’s like a pitcher in baseball saying after he hits a batter that he was only trying to pitch inside even though he hit the batter in the backside with a 95 MPH fastball. Except that this isn’t baseball, and the bitc — oh, I’m sorry, i mistyped — PITCH is verbal.

What gets me more pissed about this is that she was only fined $2000. Seriously? This is her second time in three years opening her big mouth to insult an umpire (and then running away from it like it never happened) and you only fine her $2000? Seriously? When John McEnroe, possibly the most fiery player of all time, says that Williams is getting let off easy, she’s getting let off easy.

The USTA is really dropping the ball here. This cannot continue. Between Irene and Lee and now this, they really mishandled this year’s tournament. Don’t get me wrong, I love the US Open, but I’m losing faith in the administration when it comes to handling serious matters like these judiciously and fairly.


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