Psuedo-Art for Pseudo Intellectuals

I recently came across a link to an enlightening article on a UK blog “Vice.” It was about the state of art in the modern world, and how the classification of “art” has declined from masterpiece paintings to photographs of women rubbing money on her crotch. This is not an exaggeration; check it out below (Warning: potentially NSFW):

Image from; photograph in image copyright Tracey Emin.

I’m not kidding when I tell you that this was actually part of an exhibition — and I don’t mean the illegal, sexual kind, but an actual art show. What has the the world come to when wealthy aristocrats and high-class intellectuals go to shows to see things that they could just as easily find for free on the Internet? Is this was passes for art?

It’s unfortunate, but we live in a world where anyone can be an artist. If you’re a good enough con artist, and most people who have gone to school are, thanks to the Internet teaching us how to write essays without even cracking the spine of a book, you can ascribe meaning to anything. Even a dot on a page can become deeply philosophical if you know how to manipulate words.

These canvases clearly represent the nihilistic nature of mankind and the eternal futility of trying to ascribe meaning to a piece of blank white cloth stretched over wood. See how easy that was? Photo from Tony Van Helsing’s Mystery Theater on

I’m not saying that I could do better but… oh wait, I am saying I could do better. I’m a writer and aspiring psychologist, not a painter, but I’ll be damned if even a stick figure wouldn’t be better than just a blank canvas. Let’s get serious here, people. A deaf guy could compose beautiful symphonies, but you call blank canvases art?

It’s not just the world of visual art that’s going down the tubes either. Take a look at fiction. Go into a bookstore and head towards the teen section. Look at the signs. See that one that says “Paranormal Romance?” That was never a genre. Until Stephanie Meyer pounded Twilight into existence with her sub-par writing, repetitious word choice, and flat characters, those would have been lumped in with the rest of the teen section. Why does this “genre” get a section all to itself when all the books follow the same formula — girl meets vampire, vampire restrains from biting girl, love ensues, paranormal adventures occur, etc. ad infinitum — yet a long-standing, semi-respected genre like horror almost never gets its own section?

And what of music? Need I point out what countless others have, that quality of song writing has declined exceedingly quickly? How can we go from such incredibly written songs like “American Pie” and “Thunder Road” to “Baby” and “Party Rock Anthem?” I don’t even want to think about Nicki Minaj’s “Stupid Hoe.” The immense decline quality in music is absolutely sickening.

I don’t know what else I can say except to direct you to a few articles and videos that highlight just how much has changed. It’s time to take a stand and bring back quality art. It’s time to make the word “art” mean something again.


Tony Van Helsing’s Mystery Theater:

OG Furious on the Official Downfall of Humanity:


2 thoughts on “Psuedo-Art for Pseudo Intellectuals

  1. Thank you, kind sir, for your emphatic addition. =D Though I have to say, photographer or not I would love to have one of those “overpriced cameras.” The pictures look so good and they’re so fun to use. And imagine how much better my comic would look…


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