Sinful Support

If you’ve  spent any time on the Internet, then there are two things that you have surely heard by now. 1.) The Jerry Sandusky sexual abuse case and 2.) the Catholic Church is notorious for its priest being child molesters. Is anyone surprised that these two champions of pedophilia have finally come together in a disgusting combination of sympathy and defense?

Ok, I should really clarify that. The Church has NOT come out in support of Sandusky, but one of New York’s foremost Catholic preachers, Father Benedict Groeschel, one of the founders of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal has. Groeschel has authored books, hosted religious television, been practically revered by devout Catholics and just generally been a celebrity of sorts in the Church. But apparently he has another side to him that most people don’t see. In a Daily News article today (link will be provided below), it was revealed that Groeschel has spoken out in favor of Sandusky, saying “Suppose you have a man having a nervous breakdown, and a youngster comes after him. A lot of the cases, the youngster – 14, 16, 18 – is the seducer.” He also referred to Sandusky as “this poor guy.” Come on, you can’t possibly be serious!

Look, I could understand the sympathy vote if it was a one-time thing and Sandusky was “seduced” by an 18 year old, as in, a consenting adult. But he’s been at this for years. Quite literally. He had a charity fund set up that helped underprivileged children — and which essentially funneled them to him so that he would have a supply of victims. Victims. Of his predatory abuse. There is nothing here than can be blamed on the children. The fact that someone who claims to be a pillar of morality would even think that boggles the mind. And let’s not forget the implications here as well — I don’t want to start slinging mud, but I do wonder if Groeschel stopped to think that his support of Sandusky makes it look like he himself has also participated in some of the same ~ahem~ vices. The fact that the Church immediately released statements distancing itself from Groeschel’s statements doesn’t really help matters. It’s like a squad sergeant asking who pulled a prank, and the entire squad stepping back from the perpetrator.

Let’s face it. Sandusky is absolutely guilty and deserves everything he gets and worse. As far as I’m concerned, Groeschel, by agreeing with him, is just as guilty. I suppose it doesn’t help that he’s “a man of the cloth,” as the old euphemism goes. Sometimes you have to wonder — does that phrase mean the cloth of the robes, or the cloth that covers little boys’ private parts?

My prayers go out to the victims of both Sandusky’s crimes and the Church’s crimes. Their behavior and attitudes are absolutely reprehensible on every level. Let’s hope that someday we can live in a world devoid of pedophilia, especially as perpetrated by those whom children are supposed to be safe with. Maybe someday our children can live in a truly safe world, and not one in which they must fear any and all authority — sometimes even their parents.

Daily News Article:


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