A Dangerous Undertaking

As this week’s Friday Flashback will tell you, I’ve recently revisited Brent Weeks’ novels (check out my original post about him here). Anyway, after re-reading The Black Prism and then reading his newest release, The Blinding Knife, I decided to go back and re-read the Night Angel trilogy. In about 2 weeks, I finished The Way of Shadows, and then a thought occurred to me: This would make a really cool RPG. So, naturally, I decided to do it. And then I realized that I’m horrible with programming.

Enter emptynight. I’ve known him for something like five years now, and I know that he’s pretty good with computers. Better than me. And he’s graciously agreed to help out with the programming end of things — so scripting the game, programming the battle engine, all that good stuff, that’s his department. I figure I shouldn’t have a problem helping out with the mapping and such, that’s just placing tiles. I’m not too bad at that. It’s fun to place tiles.

But… wait, we need an aesthetic, and original sprites, and art, and… well shit.

Good thing we have a friend who’s good with pixel art. Ah, the American division of labor. Such a great tool.

So yeah, that’s my news for today. There’s at least the three of us working on it, and though we’ll do bits and pieces here and there during the year, I expect we won’t have much solid material to present until the summer. But if this project is something that interests you, stay tuned here at 13/31, and I’ll be sure to keep you up to date.

Oh, one more thing: We haven’t really even thought about music yet, and as it stands right now I’m expecting to have to recycle tracks from other games. HOWEVER, if anyone out there reading this knows the Night Angel books and/or has an interest or penchant for composing RPG music, and would like to contribute to the project, please comment here! This is a totally 100% free fan-made project done just for fun, but you’ll get your name in the credits, which is awesome!



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