The Way of Shadows: RPG Project Update

Since I last posted, I have completed my task of converting Chapter 24 to a sort of script usable for when we get down to actually making the game itself. I started with this chapter because it’s one of the most important in the early stages of the book, and it was also fairly easy to convert. It’s very visual and I can easily imagine what it might look like on-screen.

I have noticed something, however. While I will continue to refer to the game as an RPG and work towards that goal, I feel I should put out a bit of a warning. At present, it feels as though the game will be a lot more akin to a visual novel; though there will be things for a player to control, I feel like, because I’m converting a novel into a game, there’s going to be a lot more reading and story-telling going on than there will be level-grinding and boss battling. That said, if I remember correctly (hard to say, since it’s been a number of years since I last read the trilogy) I think there should be a lot more action in the second and third novels, so the second and third games might be closer to a true RPG form. However I can still think of ways to get battling and such into the game without sacrificing story, though some of it might not be directly related to the plot.

We’ll see what happens. Stay tuned here on 13/31 for all the latest news and updates regarding the game!


PS: I think it’s possible that during/after the holidays I’ll have some art teasers to show off!


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