Burn, Baby, Burn

So if you’re into indie games and use Steam, you probably know that the Humble Indie Bundle 8 is out. It contains 11 games and their soundtracks, which can be purchased for as much or as little as you like. There are 5 games normally in the bundle, with their soundtracks; if you pay more than the average (which in my case meant paying $6), you get another 6 games with soundtracks. Pretty sweet deal, I’d say.

Anyway, I just spent about 2 hours at least playing the game I was most excited about in the bundle, Little Inferno. It’s a simple game with gorgeous visuals and a great soundtrack; the premise is that you burn things. All sorts of crazy things. The more you burn, the more money you get to buy more things to burn. Pretty neat, right?

It’s actually a little more complicated; that is, there is a subtle but interesting story laced into the game, and you do have goals; you unlock more items to burn by figuring out from clever hints special combinations of items to burn together. So for example, one of the easiest ones to figure out is “Bicycle Pirate,” or something to that effect.

The game is minimalistic but does require some thought; there is humor and there is a deep and subtle layer of emotion. There are plot twists and conspiracies and mysteries. And all of this takes place in a single setting. It’s quite impressive.

I’ll be honest, I haven’t yet finished the game, but I’m very close to what I presume is the end. Little Inferno is the only game I’ve played out of the 11 so far, and to be honest, I can say without a doubt that if it’s the only good game in the bundle, it’s worth it. I’d recommend any gamer get the bundle for this game alone. And, if you don’t want to spend more than the average, no worries; Little Inferno is one of the 5 games in the base bundle.

Expect more reviews soon on the games in this bundle. In the meantime, head over to our Facebook page (facebook.com/1331blog) and like us, and feel free to head down to the comment section, or leave a comment on Facebook!


UPDATE: I’ve finished the game and I have a few more thoughts. First off, the story and its conclusion are quite touching and leave a lot to think about. The music is also very haunting; I hadn’t noticed the leitmotif when I wrote this post earlier, but I have now, and it made me realize just what it was that made the music work so well. It builds the atmosphere quite well, and upon listening to the soundtrack more carefully, the main melody is woven into other tracks very nicely, at times rather subtly. I can say without a doubt that this game is one of the best I’ve played in a while.

Also, I found out that Little Inferno was a downloadable launch game for the Nintendo Wii-U, just an interesting little fact. And I’ve read that the experience on that console was just as good if not better than mine has been with Steam.


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