Wedding of the Century?

So as many people know by now, Deadpool’s world has changed forever. Why’s that? Well, as of issue #27, the Merc with a Mouth, the Regeneratin’ Degenerate, everyone’s favorite assassin tied the knot with Shiklah, Queen of the Underworld.

Yeah, you heard me. Wade Wilson, schizophrenic murderer extraordinaire, is married. For realsies.

Who could this woman possibly be, to marry… that? Well, Shiklah’s not exactly a person so much as some sort of cross between a demon and a dragon, who just so happens to have the human form of a smokin’ hot lady (it’s a Deadpool comic, of course she does). And of course what could be more attractive to Deadpool a Queen of the Underworld (well, Death, at one time, but I don’t think he’s obsessed with her these days)? Yes indeed, it’s a match made in… er… made in…

Well, it’s a match at any rate.

Don’t get me wrong. #27 isn’t all serious world-changing stuff. It’s a Deadpool comic, people. It’s full of insanity. Let’s start with a couple of obvious points here:

1.) The wrap-around cover art set a world record.

Yeah, that “Guinness World Record” logo on the cover isn’t for show. Deadpool #27 holds the record for the greatest number of characters on a single comic book cover, containing 236 characters according to the team behind the issue, but according to the Guinness judges, only (!!) 224 (the creators, editors, and clones of Multiple Man and Collective Man didn’t count). And yes, if you’re wondering, there is a copy of the cover art in the back pages with the characters numbered to correspond to a list of their names. Have fun seeing how many you and/or your friends can guess.

2.) The creators claim it’s “The most important issue #27 in the history of comics!”

If you learn anything about comics this year — and in fact, you should have learned it already if you follow comics — it should be that the most important #27 is actually the now-75-years-old Detective Comics #27. That historical issue was the very first appearance of Batman, the hero who would come to define superheroes for generations to come. Of course, the landmark 27th issue of the current Detective Comics, in DC’s New 52 came out months ago and was a celebration of 75 years of Batman. And while Marvel wouldn’t exist without Batman (and Superman, and Wonder Woman, and all the other DC heroes that came before Marvel), of course there was no resisting the perfect opportunity to poke fun at their rivals. And to be fair, as far as the Marvel Universe is concerned, their comics are the only ones that exist. And, you know, Deadpool. Married. These things don’t happen every day, ya know!

3.) This issue is MASSIVE.

No, seriously. The damn thing costs $9.99 (and it’s worth it) and comes in at 100 pages (according to solicits from Diamond). It has the main story, Deadpool’s wedding, and a veritable treasure trove of back-up stories from half a dozen authors and artists who’ve previously written Deadpool comics. All wedding themed. All insane. Some even directly tying into older stories — remember when Deadpool did a stint as a space cop back in the 00’s and hooked up with an alien hippo woman? She shows up in one of the stories here. A few of the stories seem to have a common thread, and the story that opens up this subtle overarching plot is brilliantly designed to make you question reality.

Yeah, I know, it’s a Deadpool comic, but there is still a reality inherent to his insanity, and there’s a story that seriously makes you sit there and wonder what in the hell is real.

Of course, the absurdity extends far beyond here. Oh, yeah, all that you’d expect from a Deadpool comic is in here — guns, explosions, blood, ridiculously implausible scenarios, sexy, scantily clad women defying all known laws of gravity and biology just by simply existing — the usual. There’s tacos and chimichangas and schizophrenia.

Yeah, this issue is definitely worth the money, and the inordinate amount of time you’ll spend reading it (compared to normal-length comics). You don’t need to be following Deadpool currently to understand it. It’s just a great big mess of hilarity and joy. Go out and buy this comic.

But first there’s one more thing I’d like to address. In the back of the issue, you can see a most glorious sight. You can see… the alternate cover art gallery.

What’s so special about that, you ask? How about the cover art featuring Deadpool, Wolverine, Hit Monkey, and, of all characters, Doop, at a strip club?

According to Carlo Barberi & Edgar Delgado, Doop is really into flexible short haired strippers…

Not enough? Take a look at the “Taco Time” cover, which is really just code for “Deadpool and classic NES Donkey Kong crossover fanart,”

Behold the glory of Matthew Waite’s Taco Time cover!!

And if that isn’t enough, if you really need more, Arthur Adams & Peter Steigerwald have the remedy for your greed right here:

No, no, that’s not a riff on Amazing Fantasy #15, surprisingly.

Take a close look here, if you’re missing it. Look at the weathering effects at the edges. Look at the clothes of the mobsters, the proclamation on the banner. Look at the date in the corner, and the title. Now compare it to this:

Oh yeah, they went there.

And that, dear readers, is how you properly homage the very comic you claim to be more important than. I may have to look into buying that alternate cover…


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Go ahead, name them all. We’ll wait.

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