Bradbury Daily: “Homecoming”

It’s a rare talent that can lead you to know exactly what’s going on without ever actually telling you.

The general context of this story is that it’s a family reunion. Simple enough, yes? The perspective follows young Timothy, a bit of an outsider in this family.

You see, his family are all vampires. He’s a bit more… er… human.

How there came to be a mortal in a family of vampires is absolutely beyond me. It’s not explained, but it’s also not really important. What is important is that Bradbury has perfectly captured the spirit of being the black sheep of the family, the thrill of having that one family member who treats you well and who you love to see more than anyone else.

I don’t think “Homecoming” is as good as “The Night,” but you can’t really compare the two anyway. The former is more of a meditation on mortality and family given a darkly humorous edge, whereas the latter is a similar meditation, but purely based in horror. These vampires aren’t malicious — in fact, it’s hinted that they get their sustenance from those who are already dead, or at least some of them do. They’re creatures of the night, sure, but they aren’t scary. They’re just like any other family. Loud. Obnoxious. Judgmental. But ultimately loving.

Who would have thought vampires could love? And don’t give me some crap about Twilight, we all know those aren’t vampires.


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