Bradbury Daily: “The Coffin”

Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

It’s tough to combine comedy and horror, but when done successfully, it’s one of the best combinations you can have. “The Coffin” has enough elements of horror in it to balance out the levity and fall squarely in the sweet spot of the horror-comedy sub-genre.

It’s a simple enough tale. Charles is seventy, and he’s dying. So he decides to build one final invention, his own coffin. It’s a massive mechanical behemoth, and his jealous brother Richard can’t understand why this is so. Upon finishing it, Charles drops dead. Richard thinks to spite him by having him buried in a regular, plain, wooden coffin.

And then things get interesting.

The twist is more or less easy enough to guess when you’re reading the story, but the twist isn’t really the point. Watching it all play out in its twisted and darkly humorous way is what makes this story so great. This is day six of my project, and as much as I’ve enjoyed it so far, and as much as I loved “The Night,” this one, “The Coffin,” is easily my favorite thus far. It’s so deliciously twisted that I can’t help but love it.

I suppose that says something about my sense of humor, but what the hell. What’s life without some morbid humor that might make people think I’m a sociopath?


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