Bradbury Daily: “The Last Night of the World”


That’s about all I can say about this story. There’s no substance to it. The premise is that the world is ending. And all we see is a husband and wife discussing the fact that it’s the last night of the world. Everyone has had a dream telling them that it’s coming, and everyone is pretty calm about it and just going on like normal.

That’s it. There are a few philosophical moments, but nothing very impressive, and as a story there’s really not a lot to it. A few pages of mundane, everyday actions and calm conversation.

I mean, we don’t even get to know how the world ends. The story just ends and that’s it.

I guess I’m mostly disappointed because I was expecting more. Between the title and all the other stories I’ve read so far, I thought there would be a lot more to a story like this. More content, more substance, more going on in general. And there really isn’t much of anything here.

So in sum:



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