Bradbury Daily: “The Fog Horn”

Here’s something interesting.

I actually expected, when I started reading the story, that I was going to have to come here and tell you all that I didn’t like it. It starts out very slow and feels like a lot of stories you end up reading in high school literature classes, under headings like “American Short Stories” and such. Stories about the sea and sailing. Always rather dry stories (no pun intended) that spend more pondering the mysteries of life than having anything actually happen.

Now, I did feel there was quite a bit more philosophy in here than I would have preferred. Again I would argue that there’s some dipping into purple prose territory. A lot of very flowery descriptions. But for all that, it’s also a beautiful tale of love and loss, in a roundabout way.

In all honesty, there’s not a whole lot more I can say without spoiling anything. It’s a really short story, not quite six pages, and if you condensed it to just the essential plot, it would probably be half that. Also I’m not feeling terribly well, so that’s another consideration in cutting this post short. But at any rate, it’s a decent story. Not one of my favorites and certainly could have done with a more direct style of writing, but all in all not bad.


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