Bradbury Daily: “Embroidery”

I’m not really sure what to say about this one. It’s a little unclear what’s going on until the end, really, because the primary plot is obscured under the descriptions of women embroidering.

That’s really the extent of the story, honestly. They’re doing their embroidery and having a conversation that’s quite vague until you get to the end. Not that the end is a really big surprise, all of the hints are laid out, but you don’t really know much of anything until that point. Hell, even at the end you don’t really know too much.

I suppose that makes sense though. I imagine that Bradbury set out to show a possible way your average person might respond in such a situation (it’s really hard to write this without spoiling anything).

There’s really not a lot more I can say about this story. It’s very short and doesn’t have a lot of substance, honestly. All told there’s nothing bad about it but it’s not really a fantastic story, in my opinion.


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