Bradbury Daily: “The Golden Apples of the Sun”

An interesting story, and a nice return to space-based science fiction after the past bunch of stories. The premise is that a group of astronauts are going to the sun to collect a sample. It’s a novel idea, and one which, though I’m not sure it would work in reality, makes for a good story.

Most fascinating, to me, is the ship that Bradbury designed for this mission. The ship is sort of a giant, incredibly cold freezer. The men inside it are in turn in special suits to keep them from freezing instantly (the ship is said to be one thousand degrees below zero, Fahrenheit). It’s a brilliant solution, in my opinion. After all, how else would you be able to fly a ship into the sun, unless it was cold enough to withstand the incredible heat?

I mean, I suppose you could always be Superman and just fly in without a ship or anything, but that seems more unlikely than this story.

I think this may be the most imaginative space technology Bradbury has thus far presented in this collection. I don’t remember any ship being described in as much detail as this one; in fact I don’t really believe there’ve been very many descriptions of the technology in his science fiction. I certainly can’t think of anything as original as this one, at least.

I guess there’s not a lot more to say about this one. It’s a solid science fiction story. There’s nothing about the story itself that’s particularly special, and there’s not really anything bad to say about it. It’s just a good story.


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