Bradbury Daily: “Powerhouse”

This was a pretty boring story, and it frankly didn’t make a lot of sense to me.

Like, I get what he was going for, it’s supposed to be symbolic of some kind of religious awakening and what not. But there was too much about it that just didn’t work.

First off, it’s set in a Western-type setting. Desert, horses, speech patterns. It may as well be a John Wayne movie. BUT! There is electricity! And mentions of cars!  So… when exactly does this take place? Because it’s very unclear. If there are cars, why ride horses to make this trip? Especially since they’re doing it because the main character’s mother is dying. A car would be faster, and time is everything when you have a loved one who is dying.

The second problem I have with the story is that it’s just so dense and long-winded, especially when the main character’s epiphany begins. It’s an incredibly vague scene with a lot of drawn out descriptions. Frankly I felt it was unnecessary, since it really wasn’t very clear what was going on, and the only point of it was to provide this awakening. Surely there was a better way to do this?

When it comes down to it there’s just too much about this story that’s just confusing or feels wrong. It’s pretty weak, in my opinion. Here’s to hoping the next one is better, I can certainly use it after this.


One thought on “Bradbury Daily: “Powerhouse”

  1. Sorry you didn’t like it. I thought it was quite a beautiful story. The woman’s acceptance of suffering in the world is a really neat perspective that is good to remember.


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