New Writer Alert!

Hey everyone, typoattack making a rare appearance. I have a big announcement to go along with the new blog theme.

Some astute readers of the blog may have noticed that, in the header, the number of writers we have has changed from three to four. Today, I’m proud to introduce the fourth and newest member of the 13/31 team, The Mother Flipping Fox. All of us here at 13/31 have known TMFF for longer than this blog has been alive, but it was only recently that she decided that she wanted to be an active contributor. She and Jorfimus Prime overlap on a lot of subjects, so expect to see similar content from the two of them, and perhaps even some collaborations. We’re very glad to have her here, and we hope you show her the same love that you do the rest of us. Well, maybe except emptynight. Who is that guy anyway?

They call me,
The Mother Flipping Fox.

No one can catch the motherflipping fox

Hi everyone! ^_^ I’m the newest writer here, and I’ll be back to semi-regularly offer you lengthy but well-thought out opinions you didn’t know you wanted about popular media, unpopular media, scholarly articles, and everything in between. I love stories, both telling them and hearing them, but mostly hearing them. And I love picking apart fictions to see how they function. I can dance (poorly) I do card tricks (less poorly) and I paint and draw (significantly less poorly) and sometimes I even make sense.
I hope you’ll join me in picking apart and overanalyzing all sorts of story-based content over the next several months, or years, or however long blogging careers tend to last nowadays. :0)


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