Emptynight’s Periodic Review: iZombie

I’ve spent a fair bit of my free time over the past several months watching a bunch of television shows. Lately it’s been primarily superhero/comic book shows. GothamAgents of SHIELDFlash, and Arrow to name a few.

I’ve been recently trying to legally watch these shows on the network’s official site to help support the show, instead of streaming them on super-sketchy streaming sites. The cost of this, of course, is ads.

While watching Flash and Arrow on The CW one ad I kept noticing was one for this amusingly titled show, iZombie, about a zombie mortician. After a while, my curiosity won and I started watching the show’s first season on Netflix. Advertising worked.


I started watching it as an experiment and stayed because it pulled me in. The show follows Olivia ‘Liv’ Moore, a zombie assistant mortician, as she eats dead people’s brains to help solve their murders, gaining their memories and personalities along the way. This latter point also lets the lead show off some impressive acting ability as she has to play her character differently in virtually every episode.

Elements of the show are extremely cheesy, but I feel like this actually enhances the show. The episode names, for example, are amazing. They both appeal to my inner pun enthusiast and relate to the theme of the episode.

I’d recommend this show to people that like zombie media and can deal with a reasonable amount of cheese. It’s a delightful, amusing, and non-traditional take on zombies. How would a zombie integrate into human society anyway?


For those that are more comic inclined, this show is loosely based on a comic by a similar name, iZOMBIE (Note the capitalization. The show is called iZombie). I haven’t read anything from it, but it’s 28 issues long and different from the show in all but the base premise. The protagonist’s powers are the same and that’s about it. Characters, settings, and plotlines are all different. Rather than say how this comic is available, I’ll just link to the the wiki page.


That’s all for now. I feel like this show is worth checking out. It’s available on Netflix and part of Season 2 is available on The CW.


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