photos of the week: Hudson River Derby Special


Teammates congratulate Jack Harrison after his goal.


Fans celebrate after the full time whistle. (Well, fans in blue. Those fans in red in the upper deck are not so happy.)


And now a special message from senior editor Jorfimus Prime:

Jorfimus Prime here. Before the derby I’d never so much as watched a football (or soccer, if you prefer) game, let alone been to one. typoattack is, I presume, happy that he’s converted me to an NYCFC fan. It’s a very different experience from the baseball games I’ve been to over the years, which is really the only sport I’ve followed. There’s a lot more energy both in the fans and the game, and a lot more happening on the pitch than on the baseball diamond, especially now that baseball is all about pitching and switching pitchers two or three times a game. It’s way more interesting to watch a sport where things are constantly happening. It can be a little overwhelming to follow at first, but you catch on pretty quickly, and easily get lost in the energy and enthusiasm of the crowd.

So with all of that said, here’s my contribution to this special edition of photo of the week:


In case it’s not already apparent why I picked this photo, here’s a closer look at the portion that caught my eye:


I don’t know how I managed to get this shot. I think I was honestly just aiming where the ball was and got really lucky. But I’m definitely happy I got it.

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