Song of the Week: “The Touch” (Stan Bush)

Today marks the last day of the 2016 New York Comic Con, so I thought it would be appropriate to honor the occasion with a perennial nerdy classic from 1986.

As a big Transformers fan, this song felt like the most appropriate option. Sure, I could have gone with a pretty much anything composed by John Williams, of the Batman theme, or the Ramones’ cover of the Spider-Man theme song, or any video game song ever. But while those are all appropriate, and we all got chills hearing the first strains of the Star Wars theme in the first teaser for Episode VII, nothing exemplifies the raw power and excitement of NYCC than “The Touch.”

Stan Bush has basically built his career on the Transformers franchise, but while he has quite a few related songs, none of them are the same as “The Touch.” It’s the perfect example of ’80’s rock, full of electronic-sounding keyboards and soaring guitars. It’s an anthemic song about fighting on against all odds, a rallying cry against all evils. It is, as it always was and always will be, a theme fit for a Prime.

As a special bonus to celebrate this weekend, I’m also including an unofficial second Song of the Week (though it will be on the playlist for posterity). It’s the nerdiest song I know, and I think you’ll all enjoy it.

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