Song of the Week: “Take Me Down” (The Pretty Reckless)

A few weeks ago, I chose a new Green Day track as the Song of the Week in anticipation of the new album. So this week I thought I’d do the same for The Pretty Reckless.

“Take Me Down” was the first single released for Who You Selling For, and quite frankly I think it’s the best. “Prisoner” isn’t bad, but all I can hear when I listen to it is DOROTHY, and “Oh My God” is just… not really my cup of tea, I guess. So I’m a little worried, but I’m hopeful that the rest of the album is more in line with how much I like “Take Me Down.”

There are a few things worth mentioning about this track. First, it bears a bit more than a passing similarity to the Rolling Stones’ 1968 classic, “Sympathy for the Devil.” This rubbed some fans the wrong way, but I kind of like it, and feel it’s appropriate, to boot. Second: the snare drum. Now, I know I’m a drummer and that that makes me more likely to notice things that non-drummers might miss. But this one is pretty obvious. It’s not a bad snare sound, by any means. But it’s noticeably different than in their other work, including the other two songs released from this album. So it stands out pretty clearly. I have come to like it in this song, but I was glad to see that it wasn’t in the other two tracks; it’s just too out of character when compared to the rest of their drum parts.

If it makes me seem any less like a band geek, other people noticed it, too.

Personally, I really like this track, despite the clichéd lyrical content, and what some perceive as musical flaws. But I’ll let you readers out there pass your own judgments.

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