Song of the Week: “Imagine” (John Lennon)

This Thursday marks the thirty-sixth anniversary of John Lennon’s death, so it only seems fair to give him the spotlight this week.

I know choosing “Imagine” is pretty cliché, but I think it’s appropriate, aside from being a truly beautiful song. On Thursday, hordes of fans young and old will flock to Central Park’s Strawberry Fields to pay tribute to Lennon, his life, and his music. They’ll gather around the mosaic and sing, and share stories of their memories of him and his work.

It’s the world Lennon called for when he wrote the song, brought into reality for one brief, beautiful, transcendent moment. It’s a vision of peace powerful enough to draw tears.


“Imagine” is a simple song, containing only a piano, Lennon’s vocals, and a small drum part. The simplicity of the arrangement is appropriated, given the simplicity of the message. It’s the far more elegant sibling of “Give Peace a Chance.”

I’d like to issue a challenge this week, for all of our readers. I’d like to invite you all to spend the week trying to live up to Lennon’s idea of peace. Throw away your judgments of others, your anger, your greed. Do something to make the world better for others, even if it’s just for one person.

For one single week, let’s all give peace a chance.

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