The Twelve Songs of Christmas: “The Chanukah Song” (Adam Sandler)

You didn’t think I’d forget the other major holiday this season, did you? No sirree; my grandmother is Jewish, after all! So this one is dedicated to her.

I know I’m posting this a day early, but Hanukkah comes surprisingly late this year and we’d already locked in our Christmas Eve post by the time I check the date. As for the song? Well there aren’t really a lot of options, now are there? But let’s face it, ignoring the fact that Sandler’s voice is about as pleasant as a cat scratching a chalkboard, this is a pretty great song. And it’s a lot of fun. After all, how many of these celebrities did you know were Jewish before you heard the song?

If you think about it, Shatner and Nimoy being Jewish means that, technically, Mel Brooks’ teaser of “Jews in space!” at the end of History of the World, Part I wasn’t entirely false.

I think one of the best things about this song is that it doesn’t take itself seriously. So many Christmas songs try to impart some sort of message or tell a serious story (“Christmas Shoes” really needs to be removed from every playlist and album ever). And then Sandler comes along and decides “Hey, we don’t really have any songs. I’m going to write one and it’s going to be super goofy.”

I mean, goofy is kind of his shtick, after all.

So here’s my wish for a Happy Hanukkah to anyone celebrating it. May it be full of lights and love, and maybe even some laughter.

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