Song of the Week: “Somebody to Love” (Queen)

The big day is next week; I thought some of our readers might identify with this week’s song right about now.

I can’t imagine Freddie Mercury ever having trouble finding somebody to love, himself, but I guess he knew that many people do have that problem. So he generously wrote a song for them sing along with.

Ok, so I’m sure everyone, Freddie included, has felt like this at some point, even if it’s not about love. You work harder and hared to get something or reach some goal, but never seem to get what you feel you deserve. It’s more or less a universal feeling.

This suddenly got a lot more depressing than I thought it would.

Look, I guess what I’m trying to say is that this song gives a feeling of solidarity. It reminds each of us that other people are feeling the same way. And it should also serve to remind us that one day our collective ship will come in. “Optimism” feels too strong a suggestion to me, but I would say that being entirely negative isn’t the way to go. No matter how it looks now, something good will come eventually.

You’ll find somebody to love.

We’re celebrating love all month with the Song of the Week! Show us some love and like us on Facebook! We promise to cuddle all night long.


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