Song of the Week: “I Just Love You (Live: Back Country)” (Five for Fighting)

I did promise that I wouldn’t just do songs about romantic love, and this week I’m delivering.

They often say that nothing can compare to the love a parent harbors for their child; but it’s not often that people talk about the love a child gives their parent. It’s unadulterated, pure, a love without boundaries or conditions. So I suppose this is a big part of why “I Just Love You” is such a powerful song. It touches on both sides of the story, both kinds of love. John Ondrasik wrote it after his daughter called him while he was on the road, with her reason being the song’s title. You can tell just from listening to the song how much he loves he daughter, but it’s even more apparent in concert, where he tells the story about writing it.

Which is why I chose the live version, of course. Well, that and the joke he makes about his dreams. I don’t know if he still changes the lyrics, if he even still performs it — his daughter would be around  fourteen or so as of this writing, if my math is correct. And whether or not he does change the words, her age could still be a factor in whether or not it’s still on his set list. If I know anything about teenagers, she might be embarrassed by her father performing a song about her.

If I know anything about parents, he probably wouldn’t care. Parents can be like that.

There have been a lot of songs about the bonds between parents and children, but I’m not sure that many really have the emotional power of this one. But I suppose that shouldn’t be terrible surprising. Five for Fighting’s discography is replete with emotionally charged songs.

John Ondrasik may not be Superman, but he’s a hell of a writer.

Next week ends our Month of Love mini-series, so be sure to check in!


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